Changing public perceptions to homelessness is vital


Changing public perceptions to homelessness is vital

Yesterday, our Chief Executive met with representatives from government, voluntary organisations to discuss public perceptions to homelessness.

As Homeless Action Scotland has been an advocate for improvement in this area it was great to see both the progress already made and some of the plans for the future.

Crisis and Homeless Action Scotland have already agreed to work together around the excellent Frameworks approach that they have developed.

The meeting yesterday agreed that work with be developed around looking at audiences and messaging as well as colleagues helping to develop a style guide/toolkit for organisations and perhaps journalists to use.

The overall view was that improving the language used around homelessness was absolutely vital and sometimes organisations, the media and others, despite being well meaning, used language that was stigmatising and unhelpful.

It is clear that damaging public attitude to homelessness will not change overnight but we all need to be clear that homelessness is a direct result of social policy not personal failure.

Homeless Action Scotland will continue to do everything we can to support this important work. If you have a view or want to know more please get in touch.