Glasgow City Council Backing Down from Advice Sector Closures

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Glasgow City Council Backing Down from Advice Sector Closures

Homeless Action Scotland is delighted to see reports on social media from the leader of Glasgow City Council that they have identified £4m to support those organisations who were about to receive devastating cuts.

This is thanks largely to how the Law Centres and CABx were able to connect with their supporters, their clients and the wider public who believe that these vital legal services are a “must-have” for Glasgow. We are under no illusion had it not been for the public outcry then these devastating cuts would have taken place.

However, it has yet to be shown how this additional 4m is going to be spent and whether it is going to be enough to mitigate the losses that the proposed cuts were going to have.

The devil, as ever, is in the detail and we at Homeless Action Scotland -along with many others- will be watching with keen interest as to how this £4m is going to be spent.

It is vital that there is a full equalities impact assessment to ensure that no protected groups are unfairly impacted by the proposed distribution of the additional £4m by Glasgow City Council

We are of the opinion that the £4m is not going to be enough to save all the organisations within the advice sector and other anti-poverty organisations in Glasgow.

Perhaps Glasgow City Council will find some other fund at the 11th hour after “working round the clock”  now that Glasgow City Councils’ citizens have shown that they will defend cuts to services which fight poverty, improve mental health, stop evictions and save lives?

We would like to commend all those who got involved and helped to #saveyouradvicesector.