Rent During Covid-19

Rent During Covid-19

Homeless Action Scotland have been informed by a number of our members that there are landlords who are putting pressures onto tenants regarding their rents. Tenants are being contacted and advised that they prioritise their rent even if they are off work due to Covid-19 self-isolation restrictions with the threat of eviction or being made homeless should they fail to make their rental payments.

No one can face eviction for missing one or two months rent, and we condemn any landlord who is contacting their tenant to use the threat of eviction at a time when many people are scared about their health.

If you are worried about your income changing due to illness or having to isolate due to Covid-19 then we urge you to get in contact with your local council or welfare rights organisation. The advice available to you is dependant on which local authority area you live in: contact your local council for more information.

The eviction process in Scotland is long and complicated but you will not be evicted from your home for missing one month’s rent. Your landlord also has a responsibility to allow you to pay back any rent you may have missed, should you have to self isolate due to Covid-19.

We must stress that should your landlord contact you and advise you that you are being threatened with losing your home due to not being able to pay your rent then you need to seek legal advice.

If you have any problems and are unsure what to do then please get in contact with who should be able to signpost you to an appropriate agency.