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We work for a Scotland where everyone has the home they need and all they need to sustain it.

Homeless Action Scotland is the National Membership organisation for homelessness in Scotland.
We exist to improve the conditions of homeless people and those at risk of becoming homeless; working with people across the country and further afield.
Homeless Action Scotland

Our mission is to be the leading organisation influencing and supporting the development and implementation of effective policy and practice that meets the challenges of homelessness in Scotland. Not just working to help people out of homelessness but to create a Scotland where homelessness can be avoided.

We have been in existence since 1974 and during that period we evolved from a volunteer based organisation focused on ending the provision of traditional night shelters to a professional staffed membership organisation.

​Historically, we focused on single people but we now seek to cover all issues relating to homelessness in Scotland. We pledge to work closely with our membership which includes local authorities, voluntary organisations, housing associations, health bodies, academics and individuals.

We have participated in the Homelessness Prevention Task Force, Homelessness Task Force/ Homelessness Monitoring Group, Rough Sleepers Initiative, Health and Homelessness Steering Group, Supporting People Stakeholders Group and a range of other steering and consultative groups. Our members inform the views we take to all of these bodies.

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